About Goldis

Founded in 1995, Goldis Language Institute, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran, is the biggest and most equipped language institute on the north west of Iran. The institute runs general English programs for a wide variety of language learners and university students starting from beginner to advanced levels throughout the year. Goldis language programs are offered in easily accessible locations in Tabriz. The institute also holds highly credited IELTS and TOEFL preparatory, and business English courses and teaching staff for these courses are all PhD and MA graduates in English Language Teaching.


The institute hopes to expand and enrich its programs in the coming years. Our aspiration and ultimate goal is to make learning English an enjoyable and rewarding experience for Iranian EFL learners to empower our learners to communicate and interact with the rest of the world and pursue their academic and professional dreams very conveniently, to create vocational opportunities for lots of language teachers and learners in diverse sectors; education, trade, industry, tourism to name but a few, to promote educational values and principles well-respected and practiced around the world and thus play a constructive role in spreading its ripple effects on other pedagogic programs in our schools and universities.



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