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Teacher Training Courses


Being one of the stages of Goldis teacher recruitment process after passing the general proficiency exam followed by a face-to-face interview to assess the candidate in fields such as fluency, accuracy, knowledge, qualifications and non-verbal behavior, Goldis Teacher Training Courses deliver the latest universally recognized teaching methods and techniques carried out by our very experienced and knowledgeable teacher trainers and instructors who mostly hold Ph.D. and M.A. in Teaching English along with several other internationally accredited certificates such as DELTA, CELTA, TESOL, etc. Throughout the course, candidates will have an opportunity to perfect their teaching skills and knowledge in areas like methodology, teaching young learners, lesson planning, classroom management and a myriad of other areas. There is an evaluation test at the end of TTC in which candidates will present what they possess in their teaching repertoire and teach different parts of the books taught at Goldis before the panel of teacher recruitment during which factors like knowledge, self-confidence and class and time management will be assessed and those successfully attaining our requirements or showing potential are given a chance to join one of the best language institutes in the Middle East.  Afterwards, our now-colleagues are sent to observe classes of experienced teachers in order to gain an insight into the teaching methods and guidelines followed at Goldis and being familiarized with the environment.  It is at this stage that they prepare reports of the classes they have observed. For a few terms, new teachers will be under constant and close supervision to make sure the methods and guidelines of Goldis are followed and executed properly.


We are proud to be the number one destination of education center in the country and happy to bid you welcome to join this greatness and hope we will go up the steps of perfection together.


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