Telegram Messanger is a widely used messaging application in Iran. Almost 25 million users, according to authorities, are active members of Telegram. This means that a lot of users, including a vast number of language learners, are using it to communicate, send and receive files and messages and take part in online group discussions. We thought that this medium could be an effective tool to enhance our learners' language knowledge. Since the establishment of Goldis' Official Telegram Channel hundreds of members have joined to make use of our daily posts. These posts include announcements, language learning files and texts, educational recordings and Goldis Virtual Radio. 


We provide daily material on Goldis Radio. Fun competitions, learning podcasts, interviews, teaching sessions, and many other interesting programs are produced daily to feat our Telegram Channel. This enables our learners to hear their own teachers talking on the radio and teaching them things beyond the classroom. 

To join our telegram channel you simply need to download the application and then search "gogoldis" and then tap/click on "Join".


We are looking forward to welcoming you on our channel. 

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