Diploma in TESOL

If you have been teaching English for at least 2 years and ready to improve your teaching skills and boost your career then the Diploma in TESOL program, which is directly accredited by the London Teacher Training College, will empower you to teach locally and abroad equipping you with effective methods in teaching the English language and advancing your career skills to the next level.

The advantages of Diploma in TESOL:

* A prestigious, internationally recognized qualification

* World class tutors

* A rewarding course that revamp your teaching

By the completion of the course, the trainees will:

understand how language is acquired

understand what constitutes errors in a language

know the principles on which modern language teaching is based

understand what phonetic and phonology are

know which methodologies can be used to teach English

know how to use materials and aids to teach English in the class

know how to organize the class

know how to design lesson plans


It has four components that cover the theory and practice of teaching English. For more information on the course content you can visit here.

London Teacher Training College's Diploma in TESOL program will help you to deepen your theoretical knowledge of teaching and learning.  You will learn new approaches to teaching and have the opportunity to put them into practice as the course progresses.

Goldis is the only representative of the LTTC in the north-west of Iran.

For more information contact: 00984133330511

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